Product #: KA-17501

Weight: 175


Kaivac has recently completed modifications to the KV1750 No-Touch Cleaning system designed to increase hose wrap capacity, improve vacuum tank emptying, maximize fresh water utilization, and facilitate vehicle loading. Additional internal changes were made to improve production efficiency in order to help meet increased demand. As a result of the changes, the part number for the Kaivac 1750 will change from KV1750 to KV17501. It is also important to note that though they look similar, the vacuum tank, fresh water tank and black boxes are not interchangeable between the KV1750 and KV17501. To ensure proper part replacement, please refer to your serial number. As always, please call Kaivac customer service or technical support at 800-287-1136 with any questions.

Price: $5,791.08

Price: $5,791.08